One Piece Law T Shirt
One Piece Law T Shirt
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One Piece Law T Shirt


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After the ellipse, Trafalgar Law became so powerful and infamous that even the G-5 Marines, yet known for their cruelty, are deeply afraid of him. Before he became a Shichibukai by bringing a 100 pirates’ hearts to the World Government, Law had earned a higher bounty than Luffy, another proof of his power. Also, he was able to defeat the Vice Admiral Smoker, who owns a Logia-type Devil Fruit without seriously wounding him.

trafalgar law vs smoker gif

Follow the same path as Trafalgar Law with our awesome One Piece Law T Shirt from One Piece Store ! ☠️

  • Cotton : the most comfortable material
  • Durable : top quality shirt, durable
  • Slim Fit : fits your body andis very flexible
  • Comfortable & smooth (no friction)
  • Original Design
  • Modal, polyester
  • Machine washable at 30°C (86°F)

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