Shanks T Shirt
Shanks T Shirt
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Shanks T Shirt


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Red Haired Shanks is the person who inspired Luffy to become a pirate. Shanks teammate Lucky Roo found the Gomu Gomu no Mi that was accidentally eaten by Luffy in Foosha Village.

Many great Pirates were shocked that Shanks lost his left arm. Shanks told Rayleigh that he had no regret because he was surprised that a little kid was talking exactly like his previous Captain which is none other than Gol D. Roger.

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Today, become an official member of the Red Hair Pirates with our great Shanks Shirt from One Piece Store ! ☠️

  • Cotton : The most comfortable material
  • Slim Fit : fits your body andis very flexible
  • Durable : top quality shirt, durable
  • Comfortable & smooth (no friction)
  • Original Design
  • Modal, cotton

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